Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seven Wonders Of The Earth

There are things here on earth that you cant

because of the wondrous creation by humans and God.
Its been so nice to appreciate how this things existed by a magic hand.An intelligent person given potentials to create something that really signifies the real framework of human capacity.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Florence Italy Vacation Travel

When to go?

Florence is packed with magnificent outdoor public spaces, best enjoyed on foot or from an open air cafe, so pleasant weather matters. You'll generally find the most comfortable weather April through October, with the notable exceptions of July and August, when heat and humidity can be stifling. The late summer tourist crunch is yet another reason to avoid August. You can avoid the crowds during the winter months; however, be aware that historic hotels and landmarks can get drafty and cold.

Where to stay?

In Florence, it is well worth the premium to stay at a hotel in the historic center of town. The centro storico is closed to automobile traffic, so you can walk comfortably to all the major attractions. As hotels rates have soared over the past few years, vacation apartment rentals have also become more prevalent, providing a great alternative for longer stays. Be sure to inquire about a room with a view, you're more likely to get one than you think.

What to do?

To get oriented on a first visit to Florence, climb the Pampe di San Niccolo stairs on the south side of the Arno River to reach Piazzale Michaelangelo. It affords a commanding view of the city. If you're making the rounds to the museums, avoid long ticket lines by booking in advance. For true local color and excitement, go see the local football/soccer team, Fiorentina, in action (September through May).

Caribbean Cruise Vacation Travel

When to go?

There's always a Caribbean cruise special floating around - so the best time to go might be when you find the best price or deal (like 2 for 1, free air fare, bonus days). Ask a travel agent to keep you in the loop, or just pick your destination and cruise line - then monitor their site for deals. The most expensive times are the weeks that center around New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Hurricanes are of concern from June through November so be sure to ask your cruise line what their hurricane policy is.

Where to stay?

Whether you want to go deluxe or Disney style, singles or seniors only, a ship awaits. Perhaps the better question is what islands do you most want to see? Western Caribbean cruises generally include Jamaica and the Grand Cayman islands, and often dip into Cozumel, Mexico. Eastern Caribbean cruises typically venture to the Bahamas and either the U.S. or British Virgin Islands. Southern ships visit the smaller islands of the West Indies and the Dutch Antilles (Curacao) or Aruba.

What to do?

Megaships include a mega-activities list, while smaller ships perhaps mean interesting ports of call. There are also theme cruises to help you define your on board "to do" list. Most cruise lines offer organized excursions at each port of call for an extra fee - be sure to book those early.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anchorage Alaska Vacation Travel Reviews

At first mention, Anchorage may evoke visions of polar ice caps and frozen tundra, but Alaska's largest city is warmer than you may think and big on adventure all year long. In summer, the average temperature is 65 degrees, ideal for sightseeing or partaking in the area's unique activities. Imagine a day of arctic biking and fishing or panning for gold at an old mine. Explore Prince William Sound to see the fjords, glaciers and rare wildlife the state is famous for. In winter, with an average of 26 degrees, alpine skiing, dog sledding and Skijoring, a fast growing sport that involves cross-country skiing while being towed by a dog, are just a few favored pastimes. Rich in culture and tradition, Anchorage offers ample opportunity to learn about the history of the city and Alaska's native people at museums and heritage centers. Festivals, sporting events, theatrical and musical performances take place throughout the year. Set amid the breathtaking Chugach Mountains along the coast of Cook Inlet in south central Alaska, Anchorage is ideally situated to offer the best in outdoor recreation, in a naturally splendid setting, whenever you choose to visit.

British Virgin Islands

When to go?
There are no direct flights from the U.S., so you'll probably want to head to the British Virgin Islands when you've got more than a weekend to spare. High season starts around Christmas, and prices don't drop significantly until April 15th. Some restaurants may be closed in the fall, but Anegeda's delicious lobsters will still be in season! Note that tropical storms can hit in the late summer.

Where to stay?
Many people choose to sail or charter a boat (overnight boats are available) around the BVI - just to touch on each of its appealing isles. If you prefer to: rent your own island, grab a weekend hotel package, or camp on the beach, the British Virgin Islands is ready to accommodate you. Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, offers the most lodging options and action, while Virgin Gorda offers a number of five star exclusive resorts as well as guest houses. Rooms on both Anegada and Jost Van Dyke await you for calmer prices, complementing their islands' sleepy charm.

What to do?
Visitors to BVI love to snorkel, sail and swim. With buildings allowed only as high as the palm tress, these island outposts have stayed quaint and picturesque for general touring. Take a memorable dip in The Baths on Virgin Gorda's beach front - swimming holes nestled between massive boulders from an era long past.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Land of the Kings

RAJASTHAN, also known as 'The Land of the Kings' and 'Rajputana' is made up of a collection of former princely states and has attracted travellers, traders and explorers for centuries. Today it is one of India's most popular tourist destinations, and rightly so. Intrigue, there is the state. This exceptional example of the smaller forts and palaces scattered around the country-side along with visits to Rajasthan's major cities - Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Many of the forts' owners have converted their ancestral homes into small, comfortable hotels and these will be your 'home' during the course of this tour.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fiji Islands Vacation Travel

When to go?

The over 300 islands in the South Pacific known as Fiji boast a true tropical climate, with both a wet and a dry season. Rainfall and the occasional hurricane occur between November and April. Most resorts are on the Western side of Vitu Levu, the area with the least amount of rainfall. For ideal conditions, plan your visit to Fiji between May and October.

Where to stay?

Most tourists prefer the resorts and B&Bs along the Coral Coast - for that idealized barefoot beach vacation. It's easy to find 5-star as well as shoestring accommodations throughout Fiji. Viti and Vanua Levus are havens for travelers in search of bungalows with butlers - or even your own private island. On the opposite end of the spending spectrum, backpackers will find plenty of rest plus meal plans at the home-stays or lodges in Taveuni and Nadi. For a less touristy experience, stay on one of the smaller islands (not Vitu Levu).

What to do?

Beyond lazing about the white-sand beaches, take to the lagoons of Fiji for some intimate underwater snorkeling. The lush, mountainous Nadi area offers great biking, hiking and horseback riding. Divers flock to the Astrolabe Reef, near Kadavu, and world-class surfers revere Tavarua. Non-naturalists can play golf at one of Vitu Levu six courses, opt for some tennis or boating, or get their shopping fix in Suva. One evening, be sure to take part in a "meke," traditional Fijian dancing and feasting.